Illinois Sales Tax

Illinois Sales Tax

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Why Your Business Needs a Illinois Sellers Permit

Also known as : Illinois Tax Exemption, Illinois Resale Certificate, Illinois Sale and Use Tax, Illinois Wholesale Certificate, etc.

Most businesses operating in or selling in the state of Illinois are required to purchase a resale certificate annually.  Even online based businesses shipping products to Illinois residents must collect sales tax.  Obtaining your sales tax certificate allows you to do so.

In Illinois, this sellers permit lets your business buy goods or materials, rent property, and sell products or services tax free.  We have all the rules and requirements for obtaining this certificate down, and are ready to help you with your application!

To get a better understanding of how this all works, here are two examples:

  • If you are in Illinois and you sell to another resident of the state, you have to charge tax. Also if you are selling to out of state residents, you are exempt from charging tax, but must report these the state of Illinois. The certificate also allows you to buy items without paying sales tax that you will be reselling.
  • To purchase from a wholesale company, you must have a sales tax certificate because you won’t be paying sales tax on the items you purchase.  If you are looking to start a wholesale company, you will be required to have a resale certificate before you can open a commercial account.

If you need your Illinois sales tax certificate, apply through us! Sales Tax State Permit makes getting your state specific certification quick, simple, and affordable.  Apply today or contact us for more information!

The Illinois Seller’s Permit is also know as a : Sales tax certificate, Resale Certificate, Sales and use tax, ect

Need a sales tax certificate for Illinois, Sales Tax State Permit has got you covered!

Delivery time:

The Confirmation Number will be delivered via email within 48 hours after the application has been completed successfully. You can expect your hard copy in the mail within 1-2 weeks.

The process may be delayed if the application form has not been submitted properly.

If the delivery delays unexpectedly, our specialist will keep you informed.

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